$1000 OFF Through June 30! P9000 Complete System.

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  • 106 CFM 
  • 3,000 Ft./Min. 
  • HEPA filtration 99.97% filtering down to .3um
  • 75 dB Sound Volume with built-in sound dampening
  • Audiologist Approved
  • Standard AC110V 
  • 750 Watt Energy Consumption
  • Includes remote control on/off switch
  • Includes custom-designed Evacu-Caps (Pair)
  • Includes attachment hardware to mount to most dental chairs
  • Takes only MINUTES to assemble then simply plug and play

*The P9 Complete system is available for now at a discount of $1,000. 

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AeroSol Away is the only, stand-alone, chair-mounted, dual nozzle vacuum system that creates a zone of negative pressure around the oral cavity.  This high volume evacuation significantly reduce aerosols, splatter, and droplets generated during patient treatment! The adjustable vacuum nozzles offer dual-suction while the custom-designed Evacu-Caps surround a patient's face to eliminate the majority of aerosols to help protect dentists, staff and patients. This extra-oral dental evacuation system helps protect Dental Practitioners who are in a high-risk category for potentially infective aerosols. AeroSol Away captures harmful aerosols, splatter, and droplets at the source to keep doctors, assistants, hygienists, and patients safer during dental treatment. We are selling the P9000 for $1,000 off the regular price of $2495.