CDA Roadmap for Return-to-practice

CDA Puts out important "musts" for COVID-19 Return -to-work for dentists and staff!

The California Dental Association has created a "Must have/do list" (see below).

Viable options for eliminating, reducing or containing aerosol production during care.

There are no Viable options for reducing, containing or eliminating aerosols, until NOW. I have invented and developed our first phase (patent pending) device that reduces aerosols significantly at the source! There is no other product or device that can completely eliminate aerosols during dental procedures. That is why I invented Aero-Sol-Away! It is a new system to evacuate aerosols right where they happen, at the patients mouth. By using Ultra High Volume Evacuation (the suction in dental offices are completely inadequate to eliminate all aerosols produced), we are able to significantly reduce the amount of aerosols near the patient and reduce what goes into the air, on the doctors, assistants and hygienists! It can easily be repositioned for maximum aerosol reduction.

This is the only product on the market at this time that will help dentist get back to work SAFELY. Although there is no perfect solution, it is critical that we do EVERYTHING we can to protect ourselves, our staff and our patients.

This is directly from the CDA's website on COVID-19 resources

Near term:

While there remains an absence of tools to ensure COVID-19 screening accuracy, any increase in dental care beyond emergencies only must ensure that treatment can be provided safely in the dental office for patients and the dental team. This means that dental personnel must have:

  • Access to appropriate and plentiful PPE to protect against potentially infectious aerosol transmission.
  • Viable options for eliminating, reducing or containing aerosol production during care.
  • Access to training on COVID-19-specific protocols and procedures.