Aero-Sol-Away WORKS!

Testing SUCCESS!

We have officially tested Aero-Sol-Away in a clinic setting and can show that it works exactly as hoped! We have created a YouTube video showing the results of Aero-Sol-Away in real time.

We are now offering the Phase I model for sale to dental offices at an introductory price of $1495 (25% OFF) and includes a HEPA filter, dual Vacuum and noise suppression muffler! The 1st 1,000 units will be sold at that price. After that, the price will be $1995. All units will be automatically upgraded to the finalized design of the Negative pressure Nozzle AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Although Aero-Sol-Away can be moved if needed, we HIGHLY recommend that each treatment room/chair have it's own unit.

David H. Roholt, DDS

Inventor of the Aero-Sol-Away