Custom Designed Evacu-Cap Nozzles

Unique dual-suction nozzle placement creates a zone of negative pressure surrounding the oral cavity, effectively removing most aerosols, small droplets and splatter created during dental treatment.


The first word that comes to my mind after working with the AeroSol Away is Safety and Security. You can actually see all the fine mist  and splatter particles quickly sucked out of the air. This keeps the operator safe and the patients face completely dry. I am grateful to work in an office that uses equipment such as this, especially during a pandemic.  

Hanna Gamble, Hygienist

The AeroSol Away is fantastic! I have seen it from the beginning when it was in its first stages of design to now and it really is amazing! Dr. Roholt really went above & beyond this time to make something great that benefits not only us, but the patient as well!

Nicole Mitchell, Lead RDA

I really appreciate the effort Dr. Roholt made to build our new chair-side aerosol evacuation system. Prior to AeroSol Away, polishing teeth and using the ultrasonic was no longer an option because of the harmful aerosol production. This A-S-A not only allows me to  deliver state-of-the-art hygiene services again, but it also keeps me safe and protected while I provide my best care. Thank you Dr. Roholt for not only taking care of our patient's health, but also considering the health of the staff and hygienists. 

Mike Korn, Hygienist