Available February 2021


Innovative Dual-Suction Technology

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Unobstructed Work Space

*Versatile mounting system allows for easy attachment to most dental chairs.

*Maintain patient comfort allowing the patient space to sit up and never feel any claustrophobia.

*Easily remove and clean contoured vacuum nozzles between patients using standard office disinfectants.

Business As Usual

*Experience ease of accessibility for Doctor, assistants, and hygienists with adjustable custom shaped nozzles.

*Creates a zone of negative pressure around the patient's mouth keeping aerosols away from DHCP.

*So affordable that each operatory can have its own A-S-A!

*Will not reduce standard office HVE suction because this is a stand-alone system.

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*Sleek design allows for placing the unit discreetly under the patient's chair.

*Easily plugs into any 110V outlet. Specially designed to plug into most office's standard chair outlets beneath the footrest.

*Stand-Alone system saves you tens of thousands on a new HVAC system and can be installed in MINUTES!

I really appreciate the effort Dr. Roholt made to build our new chair-side aerosol evacuation system. Prior to AeroSol Away, polishing teeth and using the ultrasonic was no longer an option because of the harmful aerosol production. This A-S-A not only allows me to  deliver state-of-the-art hygiene services again, but it also keeps me safe and protected while I provide my best care. Thank you Dr. Roholt for not only taking care of our patient's health, but also considering the health of the staff and hygienists. 

Mike Korn, Hygienist

The AeroSol Away is fantastic! I have seen it from the beginning when it was in its first stages of design to now and it really is amazing! Dr. Roholt really went above & beyond this time to make something great that benefits not only us, but the patient as well!

Nicole Mitchell, RDA

The first word that comes to my mind after working with the AeroSol Away is Safety and Security. You can actually see all the fine mist  and splatter particles quickly sucked out of the air. This keeps the operator safe and the patients face completely dry. I am grateful to work in an office that uses equipment such as this, especially during a pandemic.  

Hanna Gamble, Hygienist

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, I was worried about the safety of my staff and my patients. I wanted to provide something that would eliminate aerosols at the source. My invention does just that! It evacuates aerosols by creating negative pressure around the mouth thereby protecting the dentist, assistant and hygienist from potentially infective aerosols! I'm amazed at how well it really works!

David H. Roholt, DDS/Inventor

During my visit, I found AeroSol Away to be comforting because not only did it keep my face from getting sprayed, but I also enjoyed the white noise it created. When AeroSol Away was running, I didn't even notice the sounds of other dental tools in use and was pleasantly distracted about the work being done to my braces.

Michele Passafiume, Patient